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  • Top Mistakes Made During a High Net Worth Divorce

    || 14-Oct-2014

    Divorce has a well-deserved reputation for being stressful, emotional, and unpleasant. Considering you have invested so much time, energy and effort into building a marriage, there are so many factors to consider when dissolving it, such as dividing marital assets, dividing marital debt, child custody, visitation, and so much more. Often, divorcing couples have points of contention and each side ...
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  • How Child Support is Calculated in California

    || 24-Feb-2014

    In California, child support payments are generally made until the children turn 18, or 19 if the child is still in high school full time, living at home, and cannot support themselves. A mother or a father can ask the judge to make a child support order as a part of the following types of cases: Annulment, divorce or legal separation A Petition to Establish Parental Relationship (unmarried ...
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  • Do You Have to Pay Child Support?

    || 30-May-2013

    Every parent has a duty to provide financial support for their child. Child support in California is calculated based upon the monthly gross income of both parents and the amount of parenting time each parent has with the child. Simply put, the more time you spend with your child the less you pay in child support, because the law presumes that you provide financial support for your child during ...
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