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Burbank is located just 12 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, and just a few miles northeast of Hollywood. With a number of entertainment and media companies headquartered in Burbank such as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers Entertainment, and Nickelodeon, Burbank draws actors, illustrators, people working in the entertainment industry and professionals from many other occupations thanks to its sunny weather and close proximity to Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, the greater San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Valley.

Are you and your spouse splitting up? If so, then it's a wise idea for you to contact a Burbank divorce lawyer from Taub & Taub, P.C. as soon as possible. California is a community property state as most western states are. This means that most property acquired during the marriage (with the exception of gifts and inheritances) is owned jointly by both spouses and is divided accordingly in a divorce. Since Burbank real estate is worth a fortune, it's important to hire an attorney to aid in your divorce, and this is especially the case if your home is currently underwater or if you have any other special circumstances that would further complicate matters.

Your Greatest Advocate During Divorce

While outsiders may view your divorce as a simple and easy answer, divorce is anything but easy, even when it is the best decision for all involved. Couples put a lot into building a marriage, a home, and a family, and no matter how good you feel about the decision, it doesn't mean it's going to be easy on you. While you can handle your divorce without an attorney, it is never recommended. Dissolving a marriage is a highly complex process, especially when there are children involved. We are here to educate you on California's divorce laws and clearly explain what steps you need to take to have the most positive outcome. While we highly recommend an uncontested divorce because it's faster and more affordable than going to court, we understand that not all couples can sever their ties amicably. Should your spouse be unreasonable and make things difficult for you, we are here to be your greatest advocate and defend you every step of the way in the litigation process.

Family Law Areas of Practice

The divorce process involves a variety of matters that must be addressed; for example, couples that have minor children will have to decide where the children will live and who will have visitation. Parents can agree on a joint custody arrangement, but often times this is unworkable and the children spend more than 50% of the time at one parent's house while the other parent has visitation. Ideally, the parents will work out a custody and visitation arrangement amongst them and then clearly describe that arrangement in their parenting plan. Since nobody knows your children and your family like you do, it is best to work out a reasonable plan you and your spouse can agree on together. Judges tend to sign off on parenting plans that are agreed upon by the parents, so this is a favorable situation; however, if child custody is a point of contention, then the ultimate decision may have to be at the judge's discretion.

Our firm handles all aspects of the divorce process, including child custody and visitation, debt division, spousal support and property division under the state's community property laws. Whether you are anticipating an amicable divorce or if you are expecting there to be problems with your spouse, we are here to guide you through to the end.

Burbank Divorce Attorney by Your Side

You have legal rights under California law and we are here to ensure they are protected and that you have the best opportunity to end things your way. You probably have a lot of questions and we have answers. The best thing to do is to get started as soon as possible, even before anyone has filed divorce papers. The more you know about California's divorce laws, the better your position to prepare mentally, financially and emotionally. There are a lot of consequences with a divorce, some of which will affect child custody (if you have children), your living arrangements, your savings, your debts (who will pay what), and even down to your automobiles and whether or not you will have to sell your house. Our clients' happiness and stability comes first and we are here to help you move on with your life and into the next chapter.

To learn more about how we can provide you with compassionate, yet aggressive legal representation during your divorce, please contact us today.

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