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In addition child custody and divorce issues, visitation rights must also be addressed. Visitation plans will concern how parents will share time with their children. Usually, the parent who does not have physical custody will have visitation rights. These orders can vary depending on the best interests on the child and a number of unique factors, including but not limited to the parents' situations, the child's situation, and home environment provisions. There are a few ways in which a visitation judgment can be reached, and having a family law attorney advocating for your concerns can make all the difference.

  • Scheduled Visitation – Detailed and scheduled visitation plans are a common order issued by courts because they prevent a great deal of conflict and confusion. These can detail specific times and dates that children will be spending with parents and can include weekends, holidays, vacations, special occasions, and other important dates.
  • Reasonable Visitation – Reasonable visitation orders are generally more fluid and flexible than scheduled plans. Parents will have the opportunity to work out how children will spend time with each parent, which requires civil communication and flexibility.
  • Supervised Visitation – When courts determine that children's safety and well-being during visits should be monitored, they will impose supervised visitation rights. Supervision can be provided by the other parent, another adult, or a professional agency. This is also a common order when children and parents have not had consistent physical contact and need time to become acquainted.
  • No Visitation – If courts have enough reason to believe that visiting a parent places children in potentially harmful situations, either physically or emotionally, then they will not give that parent any visitation rights.

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Our firm has worked with many clients during the child custody and visitation legal process throughout our years of practice and we have developed a strong familiarity with how the process works and what can be done to reach favorable resolutions.

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