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When a marriage or domestic relationship is legally terminated, a court has the ability to order partner to pay the other a monthly payment for support. For anyone considering filing for divorce, it can be helpful to understand that spousal support requests or demands are rife with difficult legal issues. It is widely recommended that you work with a skilled and qualified family law attorney before undertaking any actions.

How is Spousal Support Calculated in California?

Calculating spousal support is similar to the process of calculating child support. The court will consider a variety of factors to determine whether alimony is warranted.

The most important factors judges consider will be the earning capacities of each partner and their ability to keep the standard of living they once had during the marriage or partnership. At Taub & Taub, P.C., our legal team can evaluate these factors and determine whether alimony applies to your case. Interested clients should keep in mind that alimony is not awarded in every case and that courts will focus on long-term marriages and disparity in income.

These include:

  • The length of marriage or domestic partnership
  • The standard of living during the marriage or partnership
  • What each person can or is able to pay in order to maintain their standard of living
  • The ages and health of both partners
  • Any debts and property
  • Any assistance from one partner to another for education, training, or employment
  • Any domestic violence issues
  • The tax impact of spousal support

Due to America's current economic climate and the prevalence of two full-time working partners rather than one, few cases merit an alimony award. For long-term marriages in which one partner was the primary wage earner while the other stayed home, alimony may be appropriate for a certain amount of time in order to allow the other partner to become financially independent.

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There are numerous difficulties associated with determining and calculating alimony. In addition, these matters can be complicated by many personal factors. As such, spousal support legal issues necessitate strong, experienced, and client-focused legal representation.

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