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We remain open to the public and will continue to service our clients. To protect you and your families, we will now be offering extensive phone consultations and video conferences in lieu of in-person office visits. We hope you and your families stay healthy during these troubling times.

Are you interested in filing for divorce? If so, then you have made a wise decision in considering legal representation during your separation process. At Taub & Taub, P.C., our talented and passionate Woodland Hills family law attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience and have accumulated the insight, legal tools, and knowledge to effectively handle all issues related to divorce proceedings.

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1801 Century Park E, Suite 2400
Century City, CA 90067
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We represent clients throughout the San Fernando Valley and any of the surrounding communities, as well as the Greater Los Angeles Area. If you want experience you can count on and strong advocates by your side every step of the way, you need Taub & Taub, P.C.


Divorce is a complex process in itself, but the added difficulties the abovementioned issues can be thoroughly overwhelming. This is why our firm makes it a point to work closely with clients and handle all the necessary legal work on their behalf. For even the most complicated and emotionally turbulent matters, especially those involving children or high assets, you can be confident that our legal team can effectively alleviate many of your frustrations. Our mission is to resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can focus on your future, not on the issues at hand.

Our firm owes a large part of its success to the simple fact that we make the extra effort to fully understand the needs and goals of the clients and the families we represent. Every client who comes to us receives our full attention and genuine support. Our goals revolve around handling all the necessary legal work and on resolving cases as quickly and favorably as possible. This is only made possible with our client-focused approach and aggressive but ethical efforts to provide clients with results.

Kind Words from
People In Your Shoes

  • No one can do what Dena can, her experience is second to none

    “Divorce law is dramatically painful, and either you have been there or have experienced via someone close to you. We were fortunate to have Dena call us back within in 30 minutes on a Saturday. Dena spent nearly an hour on the phone free of charge. We were able to see her the following Monday and can’t be thankful enough for her having taken our case. Dena Taub is not your run of the mill divorce lawyer, when she takes your case, you are rest assured you will get the best results in your case, she responds timely, you have access to her out of work hours, she will provide you your documents as they come, and keep you in the loop so you can deal with the rest of your life. Importantly Dena is a fighter, yet professional, ethical, and well respected in the Courts; It is nice to be complemented by the Judge on your lawyer. You will never know when your case will become complicated and costly, so don’t waste your time with other lawyers who will screw up your case and then you will have to find yourself another lawyer who you hope will do the job right. No one can do what Dena can, her experience is second to none. Dena won’t let you down, she is always a step head of the other side and will even seek out other law consultants in the different fields on your behalf if needed and lots of times free of charge. Other lawyers will just tell you “it is not my expertise and you will have to (on your own) ask a tax lawyer or a real estate lawyer, etc...” Plus, very rarely do you get the opinions of 2 lawyers for the price of one. Dena’s partner is a superb criminal lawyer, who chimes in with helpful ideas. They are not the cheapest lawyers around, but they are truly worth several times their hourly rate and will save you money you would have spent on mistakes other lawyers will have made on your behalf. In my case, I was able to achieve my goal and thank them both for their relentless resilience in fighting on my behalf making this saga less dramatically painful.”


  • Their staff is equally wonderful. It was a relief knowing I was in such good hands!

    “Dena handled my divorce and did a phenomenal job. I had a list of lawyers to call for free consultations but threw the list away after talking to her. She put me at ease and always had my best interests in mind. At one point during the divorce I needed Richard Taub's assistance with a different legal issue and he was just as professional and kind. Their staff is equally wonderful. It was a relief knowing I was in such good hands!”

    Stephanie D.

  • Dena would NOT just settle, she was persistent and knowledgeable in fighting for what is right!!

    “Dena and her team were EXCELLENT and very patient with us during the time my fiancé hired her. My fiancé's ex wife constantly was dragging out the case to prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Dena was very patient with us as we bugged her constantly (sorry Dena) for updates on the case!! She followed through on everything and explained each process along the way. When my fiancé was ready to just settle so it would be over, Dena would NOT just settle, she was persistent and knowledgeable in fighting for what is right!! Thank you, Dena!! You did a great job!! * Highly Recommend*”

    Tracy A.

  • Comfort, Ease, Expertise, and Professionalism.

    “Dena, Richard, Kayla, and team are AMAZING! They helped us through a custody case with comfort, ease, expertise, and professionalism. THANK YOU!”

    Remy G.

  • Dena Taub is an excellent negotiator.

    “She listens to what you have to say. She gives great advice.”

    Joseph T.

  • Very knowledgeable and really takes interest with her clients concerns.

    “Mrs. Dena and her team get the job done. Very knowledgeable and really takes interest with her clients concerns.”

    Teresa R

  • I cannot speak highly enough of Dena. She was patient, supportive, part mother, part aggressive attorney.

    “I cannot speak highly enough of Dena. She was patient, supportive, part mother, part aggressive attorney. She gave me advice and emotional support that helped me stand on my own two feet, ultimately giving me back my self confidence. She always had my best interests at heart, and I never felt that she was doing anything just to run up the clock - unlike my ex's attorney. Eventually, even my ex fired his attorney and had enough faith in Dena that she finished up our divorce for the both of us.”


  • Dena and her team are wonderful.

    “They truly care and are passionate about representing their clients.”

    Lance S.

  • She found over 400,000 in hidden assets !

    “Can't say enough. The divorce affected the whole family as we knew the ex was hiding assets, we just couldn't prove it. Well, Dena came along and with her zealous representation and tenacity, she found the hidden account, proved the ex was a liar and was able to get my normally laid back Santa Monica cousin back to normal. HIRE HER! Dena Taub is simply the best.”


  • You won't regret hiring them.

    “First, I would just like to thank them for their help. They were very organized and always keeping you updated with everything that is going on in your case. They guide you through every process and are always available for any questions or concerns you have. Everyone on Taub & Taub's team is very nice and attentive. They really fight for what is right and they showed me that through every step of my case. I could say a lot of good things about them, but the only thing I will definitely say is that you won't regret hiring them.”

    J. J.

  • It was amazing and never what I expected.

    “Very adept, knowledgeable and skilled lawyers.”

    Darryl C.

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There is no doubt that divorce and all the ramifications that it entails are extremely disconcerting and difficult experiences. In addition to the emotional and personal nature of terminating a marriage or partnership, you should also understand that divorce is also a serious legal process that requires considerable planning and skilled handling. The potential consequences of enduring these legal procedures without representation can be severe.

Our firm encourages all prospective clients to be proactive and discuss their cases with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney from our firm. Each Woodland Hills family law attorney with our firm will work tirelessly to settle any uneasiness you may have about the process; will address all of your concerns and questions; and will explain the ways in which we can help.

Contact Taub & Taub, P.C. today to discuss your case or to schedule a consultation.

In addition to Woodland Hills and Century City, we are proud to serve the residents of Burbank, North Hollywood, Reseda, Studio City, Van Nuys, Santa Clarita, San Fernando, and Los Angeles.

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