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How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

If you are like 90% of the population in 2016, you have come to enjoy social media applications on a daily, or hourly, basis. Uploading photographs, creating new posts, and sharing content is a fun, easy way to interact with friends, families, and total strangers. However, if you are going through a divorce, you may want to put away your smartphone for as long as you can and avoid social media at all costs.

Be Careful Not to Overshare

During your divorce, you can bet that your soon-to-be ex-spouse will be watching your every move for something you did wrong. California uses community property rules, which means everything that is marital gets split 50-50, unless there is ample reason to divide it otherwise. Certain social media posts could potentially be used against you to keep you from getting your fair share.

For example: You have determined that you require spousal support to maintain the standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage. Without thinking, you post a picture of yourself posing with someone in a way that could be interpreted as romantic. Your ex could show that image to the court, claim you are already moving on and finding financial support from a new lover, and therefore argue to have your spousal support reduced or eliminated.

Child Custody is a Fragile Agreement

The court will be most interested in how your children are cared for and raised after your divorce finalizes. Anything that could indicate that you might not be the best role model for them could dramatically influence the child custody orders. So if you go out for drinks with friends to forget about your divorce troubles for one night, don't put a lengthy post about it on your Facebook wall. That would only invite your ex to grab it, print it out, and show it to the judge in an argument that you aren't ready to be a primary custodial parent.

When in Doubt, Shut It Down

As a general rule, so long as your divorce is processing, you should not be using social media freely. It might seem harsh but it really is safer just to lay low for a while. Feeling somewhat addicted to Instagram, Twitter, and others? Get a trusted friend to change your passwords, only giving you access once the divorce is done.

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