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Results of Our Clients Custody Case

Here at Taub & Taub, P.C., the client is always our main concern. We look for the best results in each case and tailor our service to fit your needs. We are continually gaining successful outcomes in the cases of those we represent, and this is true of one recent case that we handled. A client of ours faced trouble when the other parent that they share custody of their child with decided they didn't like their new partner and believed that it was reason for them to try to limit the amount of time they were able to spend with the child. Our client had already been granted certain rights with their child and there was no reason for this to be altered because of the preference of the other parent.

Our team took the case to court and presented a well-founded, persuasive argument that our client should not have their rights as a parent limited in any form due to the opinion of the other parent. The court found our client as a good and fit parent and chose to award them joint physical custody in spite of the objection. To determine how custody should be divided between parents, the court will inquire into a few key areas, such as the relationship that each parent has with the child or which parent is found to be the best fit to care for the child. The court will often try to have both parents involved in the life of the child, as long as it is in their best interests. If you have a case of child custody or another divorce topic, call our firm to speak with a Woodland Hills divorce attorney.